The Counterculture 


Brand Story

At this point in our culture, shame and cruelty is mainstream. I remember being the last kid to be dropped off and the 1st kid to be picked up on the school bus. This extra effort was so no one would know that I lived in a homeless shelter. Think about your own life, how much does shame and cruelty show up on social media, in the comment section of videos on YouTube, or even at the store. People are scared to show up as themselves and to express that they may be struggling in an area out of fear of being shamed. The shame you feel from others knowing your struggles should not be harder than the journey to overcome them.

We are Good Steward Apparel Brands, welcome you to the counterculture. Our brands are a representation of faith, legacy, our story, and the answer to God’s call. The bible shows us that Jesus was a counterculturist. He taught and exemplified love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. He didn’t let anything stop him from being a Good Steward. He healed people on the Sabbath even though it was against cultural norms and against the law. He showed kindness and healed the sick, blind, poor, etc. even though the culture did not think they were worth his time. The culture will change according to the people and is often counter to God’s culture. We all have to be willing to do what is right even if it is against cultural norms.

Good Steward Apparel Brands inspires others to put on Good Stewardship daily and offer brands to fit your Good Steward lifestyle. Support any of our brands with a purchase and you are giving back to local non-profits. When you wear any of our brands, you model a lifestyle of grace and kindness, modesty, celebrate uniqueness, and that greatness is the norm. We are becoming humans without humanity. Together we can change this culture of shame and cruelty. Let’s replace it with a culture of Good Stewardship. A culture in which we see each other like God does and work in community as God intended.